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Practice Research Collaboratives (PRCs)

PRCs emerged from the Melbourne Conference on Practice Research in Social Work, with the goal of fostering collaboration and ongoing work beyond the conferences. These collaboratives aim to create a space for networking, idea exchange, and information sharing in specific areas of practice research.

What PRCs offer:

1. Networking Opportunities: PRCs provide a platform for connecting with like-minded individuals who share a common interest in a specific area of practice research.

2. Activities and Meetings: PRCs organize relevant activities and meetings within Practice Research conferences that revolve around their specific interest area.

3. Continuous Collaboration: PRCs facilitate meetings, webinars, and other network activities between conferences, ensuring ongoing collaboration and knowledge sharing.

4. Showcasing Work: PRCs actively communicate their ideas, activities, and work through the Practice Research Community website, enabling broader visibility and engagement.

5. Inclusivity and Benefits: PRCs encourage inclusive participation, inviting diverse perspectives, and emphasize the benefits of involvement in their collaborative efforts.


Click on the button below for the Guidelines for Forming Practice Research Collaboratives. 



We look forward to your participation and contribution to the Practice Research Collaboratives!

Check out our current PRCs below:


Research, Impact, Translation & Influence

Ilse Julkunen

Lynette Joubert

Systemic Lens to Social Work Practice

Dr. Laura Yliruka

Dr. Kaarina Mönkkönen


Collaboration & Co-Creation with Service Users

Lars Uggerhøj

Organisational Supports

Michael J. Austin


Setting Outcomes

Grahame Simpson


Family Diversity

Timothy SIM


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