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Research Impact,
Translation & Influence

This group is about making an impact and directly influencing practice and eventually policy, along with forming alliances. The founders believe that for research to be relevant and make an impact and change, the results of the research need to directly relate and be relevant to issues facing practitioners in the field. This is an open discussion space for members to share their experiences, their challenges, successes, as well as failures, free of judgment.


Through the knowledge and experience of the members, this group hopes to develop models that focus on translating practice research back into practice, through focusing on practitioner and service user engagement. 

About the Collaborative

The founders of the Practice Research Collaborative “Research Impact, Translation and Influence”, Ilse Julkunen and Lynette Joubert, possess a breadth of experience in the field of practice research. Lynette Joubert is a professor of social work at The University of Melbourne, with an overarching interest in the area of Practice Research. A main interest in practice research for Lynette is on formal and informal social networks and how these contribute to effectiveness and impact in social work practice.

Ilse Julkunen is a Professor in Practice Research in Social Work at The University of Helsinki. Her interest in practice research stems from her background in comparative and evaluation research, primarily concerning youth and marginalisation and youth transitions. Ilse’s work has a strong emphasis on empowerment based methods, as she has found that better outcomes are achieved when working in collaboration with service users and other researchers.

Practice Research Impact, Translation & Influence Workshop 
Aalborg, June 2023

Organizers: Ilse Julkunen & Lynette Joubert

This thematic group focuses on the complexities of making an impact through the direct translation of research findings on practice and policy. The Practice Collaborative offers an open and collegial discussion space for members to share their experiences, their challenges, successes, as well as failures. The group has organised online seminars and interesting presentations since the Melbourne conference.  We welcome new members. We hope with this Pre-conference program to attract debate and discussion on the experience of developing ‘new knowledge’ in social work practice research, including increased understanding of what ‘impact’ and the translation of practice research findings back into practice really involves.  We will start with a short introduction and open discussion and move on to presentations to inspire further knowledge development in the field.  


Preliminary Program

09.00-10.00  Introduction to the complexities of Impact and Influence

  • A dialogue with Ilse and Lynette

  • Group exercise on impact and implementation in practice research

10.00-10.30  Navigating Complexities in Practice results to Practice by Christa Fouché

10.30-11.00  Pod cast discussions on Impact and Influence by Martin Webber

11.00-11.30  A conversation on Practice Research and Outcomes in PhD studies

11.30-12.00  Where do we go from here?


Ilse Julkunen (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Lynette Joubert (University of Melbourne, Australia)


Get in touch with this collaborative to discuss current research projects, collaborations and upcoming meeting dates. 

For more information please email

Lynette Joubert

Ilse Julkunen


Reports and Publications 

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