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Setting Outcomes

Associate Professor Grahame Simpson has 35 years’ experience working as a social worker in Australia, working for 13 years in clinical practice, as well as part of the community rehabilitation team at the Liverpool Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit in Sydney. Grahame currently leads a multidisciplinary research program at the Liverpool Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit, ensuring that all disciplines play a role in research within the field. 


Grahame’s interests focus on intervention research, with a particular emphasis on the efficacy and impact of social work interventions. Grahame’s Practice Research Collaborative is therefore focused on ‘Setting Outcomes to Evaluate Social Work Interventions’. There is a critical need to be able to effectively measure social work outcomes, as many of the areas that social workers intervene presently, do not possess effective measures. 


About the Collaborative

The present collaborative members hold a rich degree of experience and plan on exploring the multidimensional nature of outcomes,  the challenges they are currently facing in practice with the existing range of measures, and how they can create new measures to expand and improve outcomes in practice research 


Get in touch with this collaborative to discuss current research projects, collaborations and upcoming meeting dates. 

For more information please email Grahame Simpson


Reports and Publications 

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